Thursday, November 15, 2012

OCAT System Marksmanship Trainer

We have been checking out a few different laser systems as well as target shot recognition systems for training purposes. The new Optical Computer Aided Training System (OCAT)  from OutWest Systems combines the concept of a laser training device with their SureStrike .38SP / .357 Cartridge, that puts a laser on target with the pull of the trigger on your pistol, along with a camera accounting for shot recognition on your laptop screen including the movement of your pistol when shooting.

Outwest Systems: OCAT System
The OCAT System is an extremely smart concept for live or dry fire training and fills in the gaps for what is lacking in similar training tools. Of course, with products that add premium features, you can expect to pay more compared to devices with less options. We have provided their full release along with a video promo, which best explains the system. 

Colorado Springs, Co November 2012--OutWest Systems, Inc.

Shooters can now get superior feedback about each fired shot and gain valuable insights to improving their marksmanship never before available. There are many types of laser units on the market but what do they really tell the shooter? Simply displaying a red dot on a target (if even that) is not telling the entire story of that shot; until NOW.  

Using the firing pin activated LASER with the OCAT System allows shooters to show and track hits on a computer view of the target just as if you fired live ammunition. The kit comes with a camera which sends the images to the computer screen that is located back with the shooter. It is easy to use too; simply attach the camera to your laptop start the program and begin shooting.

It gets better. Not only will the hits show up (and you can retain them for further study if so desired) but line tracings of each shot will also appear showing the shooter the direction of movement of the firearm as it was fired. This is unique precise movement tracking feedback that no other LASER, live fire or personal trainer can offer. Once you see your  movement during a shot you can diagnose problems and gain insight to better accuracy.  
OCAT System exclusive program, LASER system, camera, connectors and directions.  And the system analyzes the shot and gives verbal impact feedback for each shot. The system also has other capabilities such as two shooters can compete against each and the OCAT System (LASER) can be converted to live fire.

The advantage to training on the technologically advanced OCAT System is not only the exclusive and proprietary fine tuning of individual shots fired it provides but that you can do it inside (living room or wherever) or outside, reduce expenses compared to the cost of ammunition, almost eliminate firearm wear and tear (and cleaning) and of course there is no need to the drive to the gun range and back.

OutWest Systems, Inc.
5037 List Drive
Colorado Springs
CO 80919-3321

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