Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New LaserLyte LTS Dry Fire Trainers

We have seen some great laser trainers hitting the market to allow you to get more out of your dry fire time. LaserLyte has several pistol options for pistol muzzle placement, but now they have introduced several new specialized laser training systems including the LTS Universal Shotgun Trainer for placement in the barrel of a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun and LTS Training Cartridge .223 for placement in the chamber of AR-15 rifles. 

LTS Universal Shotgun Trainer 
LaserLyte will be releasing Cartridge Sleeves for rifles chambered in .300 WIN MAG, .30-06, .308, WSM, and 7MM, which converts those rifles to utilize the LTS Training Cartridge .223. They will also have a training pistol called the LTS Trigger Time Pistol, which allows you to use their previously released LTS Pro outside of a standard operating handgun.

LTS Training Cartridge .223
In addition to all of the new laser training systems, they have also released the new LTS Reaction Tyme Target with two modes for general training or to test your reaction utilizing the aforementioned firearms training tools. The Reaction mode allows you to "shoot" a blinking light with 3 to 7 second intervals or a Training mode to practice your trigger control in accuracy.  The video below presents many of the new products LaserLyte is introducing in 2013 including others not focused on here. At the 3:10 mark you can see the latest laser trainers offered by LaserLyte and see exactly how they operate.

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