Sunday, November 11, 2012

LaserLyte LT-9 Review From Every Day Tactical

Laser training devices are by no means a substitution for live fire training, however given the limited time available in the day combined with busy schedules and in many cases logistical difficulties in getting to the range, there are a growing number of dry fire training tools on the market. We recently covered the new Laser Training Systems released by LaserLyte and our friends over at Every Day Tactical pointed a great review they did on the LaserLyte LT-9 LTS Training Cartridge for 9mm caliber pistols. We have provided an excerpt below to get you started. 

LaserLyte LTS-9
Faster than a Speeding Laser?

When was the last time you were to the range? Was it in the last 5 days? 10 days?? 30 days??? I can tell you I was on the range last night…this afternoon and will be later tonight! Its easy when the range is your basement!

how is this possible? With the LaserLyte LT-9, that’s how! The LaserLyte LT-9 is a neat little device that when inserted into your weapon fires a laser beam out the barrel every time you pull the rigger! I took an old target from my last live fire range trip and hung it on my basement wall. I then went upstairs, emptied my Ruger…unboxed the LT-9….verified the Ruger was empty and headed to the basement…After one last safety check I chambered the LT-9 and took aim at my target and Peew!! Peew!! (you have to supply your own sound effects!)

LaserLyte LTS Training Cartridge 9mm
Right off the bat I noticed that I was hooking my shots on double taps and rapid fire… something I have never seen using live ammo. The laser was painting a pattern that looked just like the letter “C” on my target. My first shot was center mass and my second and third were left hip and somewhere in the other room!! With practice, I have since been able to eliminate the hook and there by improving my follow up accuracy... Read Full Review at

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