Saturday, November 17, 2012

HPF Precision Firearms Making the Big Show

One aspect of SHOT Show that amazes us every year is the shear number of rifle manufacturers that are present. Surely there are many that just make parts and accessories, but there are plenty that build complete rifles in most cases with a mish mash of parts from different manufacturers. We don't keep track of the comings and goings of the industry, but the fact that so many businesses exist with this purpose is impressive in its own right. 

HPF-15 UBR Rifle
While, many companies make it to SHOT Show, there are a huge portion that don't, which exponentiates the overall size of the market. Just thinking of the amount of competition involved is quite daunting. Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll, and there are plenty of obstacles along the way to beat you down. However, the demand for AR-15 rifles and a driving passion to succeed at what you do, not to mention feeding your family, can make some very successful businesses. Perhaps shooting for the aspirations of Colt or Remington may be a bright light in the distance, but falling a tad short can leave plenty of stank on the hang low. 

The subject at hand here is HPF Precision Firearms. They have announced that they will be making their big industry debut at SHOT Show. Never heard of them and unless we are completely oblivious, many others probably haven't either. They are from the middle of nowhere Madera, California. We won't hold that against them since there are plenty of great companies from Tucson. They have noted in their press release that they will be showing off their own HPF-15 Billet Receivers, Rifles, and an in-house Muzzle Brake. CNC machined, fancy aluminum, good fit and finish, you know the drill.  We are certainly interested in taking a look at another name in the game to see what they have to offer.

HPF-15 TGR Rifle
As with many rifle manufacturers, there are different tranches at graduated price points. Their  three rifles currently listed are the HPF MOE, HPF UBR, and HPF TGR. Overall they have a lot of upsells built into the standard models. HPF Precision does bring in top name name components from the likes of Magpul, Troy, Geissele, and more where that came from.  Check out the full specs and visit them at Booth #3107 at SHOT Show 2013 if you make it out to Vegas this time around. 

Houlding Precision Firearms HPF-15 UBR 
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