Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gunny Signature Line from TRU-SPEC

TRU-SPEC brought on R. Lee Ermey on board over a year ago as a spokesman for their brand. The Gunny is one of the most recognized and respected men in the industry and only represents the brands that he uses and trusts to be Gunny Approved. He has now teamed up with TRU-SPEC, much like he did with SOG to provide his own signature line of products. 

The New Signature Gunny Line from TRU-SPEC includes improved designs created in collaboration with Gunny including a 24-7 Series Tactical Pant, Long Sleeve Field Shirt, Tactical Vest, as well as an 8 Point Cap inspired by the Marine Corps Cover Design. The Gunny Line does not stop at apparel as they will also soon be releasing to new pack designs including the Tour of Duty Backpack and Tour of Duty Lite Backpack. We have provided all photos and additional information.

Gunny Signature Line 8 Point Cap

Gunny Signature Line 24-7 Series Tactical Pant

Gunny Signature Line 24-7 Series Long Sleeve Field Shirt

Gunny Signature Line 24-7 Series Tactical Vest
Gunny Signature Line Tour of Duty Lite Backpack 
Gunny Signature Line Tour of Duty Backpack

The complete Gunny Signature line is offered in Khaki, OD Green, and Black with the Vest only available in Khaki, and the Backpack substituting Coyote for the Khaki selection. The full apparel selection is now available with the Backpacks coming soon. Ordering and additional photos with other color selections are now available online at

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