Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boston Dynamics Atlas Humanoid Robot

One of the leading robot manufactures for DARPA has released details on their latest creation known as Atlas. Boston Dynamics developed a much more refined and anatomically correct design compared to their PETMAN. It is noted that the humanoid robot can walk upright, navigate around every day obstacles, and also climb using its hands. One could extrapolate that a robot with the capabilities would easily out lift and out perform its human counterparts in many tasks related to  strength and endurance once perfected. They also note that the hands can manipulate tools, so sky is the limit on how far they could develop the robot with advanced programming. 

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot
Surely there are limitations compared to the capabilities of man kind, but the accessories that can be incorporated could certainly enhance an individual robot's capacity beyond the scope of a human body. The head already incorporates stereo cameras and laser range finder, but Atlas is currently powered by an off board power supply with tether, so there are many limitations to overcome, before we have to worry about about an overthrow by our robot overlords. Boston Dynamics is developing several Atlas robots for the DARPA Robotics Challenge with final delivery due the Summer of next year. 

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