Friday, November 16, 2012

Blackwater Ursa and Grizzly Knives

The Blackwater knife line was introduced this summer, which are designed by Robert Van Pelton of DPX Gear and are manufactured by LionSTEEL in Maniago, Italy. The knife designer is quickly growing in popularity and you can see why from variety of details put into these knives, which are focused at the special operations community with development including input from the end user. At first glance you will see many similarities, but it is always the fine details that make each of these options unique.

Blackwater URSA Combatives Knife

Both knives have an overall length of over 11 inches with a blade right around 6 inches. The blades are manufactured with Nilox tool steel coated by Particle Vapor Deposition. The hollow handles are almost identical including a distinct grip pattern in the G10 scales and the empty space to store survival items. The Blackwater knives include a striker pommel with pry bar at the base of the handle. The knives also incorporate wire cutter jumping at the top of the blade. 

Blackwater Grizzly SERE Knife
The URSA Combatives Knife is made for fighting with features for producing devastating damage, while the Grizzly is focused on SERE applications. Both knives come with a Black nylon sheath that incorporates a pouch for additional survival tools. We were excited to see the new Blackwater Knives with the similarities to DPx Gear's popular knife selection and are now offering both  options at Predator EDC. 

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