Thursday, November 1, 2012

American Gunfighters No Shave November

If you are well endowed in the facial hair region then we have quite the contest for you. American Gunfighters is a bringing a lot of great sponsors on board including Predator Intelligence to contribute to a sweet swag package for the winners whom can deliver the best girthy growth from now till the end of November. Instructions are provided below, so start growing. 

1. TAKE A BEFORE PHOTO. Time stamp and/or newspaper will be acceptable. Bearded or Beardless.

2. GROW YOUR BEARDS. The bigger, the better. We know some of you out there can grow some gnarly Burt's Bee's beards.

3. When you feel your beard has reached it's full potential and is ready to be displayed, TAKE A BADASS AFTER PHOTO OF YOUR BEARD. 

4. SEND PHOTO TO KEVIN@AMERICANGUNFIGHTERS.COM. We will review your photos, ensuring that it is PC enough for FB and post it in a separate album on our page. To ensure that all participants identities are properly hidden, we will upon request, blackout eyes and/or other facial features (other than the beard of course) and label your photo by your submitted "callsign". Please include your mailing address as well. 

5. VOTE. The photo with the most "likes" will win. As photos are posted in the album, feel free to share and or promote your photos.

This promotion will go from 1 NOV to 30 NOV 2012. ALL PHOTOS MUST BE SUBMITTED NLT 11:59PM EST 30 NOV. The official voting period will be from 1 DEC to 7 DEC 2012. AT 12:00 AM on 8 DEC we will lock down votes and announce the winners later on that day. 

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