Thursday, October 11, 2012

Warlord Transitional Camouflage Uniform Field Shots

We had first introduced the Warlord Camouflage from Zero Division Signature Management Camouflage last month with a look at the pattern on an ACU mock up. They have now brought their Warlord Transitional Pattern to fabric along with different uniform products to provide a better look at their camouflage in use.

Warlord Combat Shirt, ACU Pant, and Boonie
The Warlord pattern has six color palette and is omni-directional with a large swirling brushstroke design. Zero Division developed the pattern with dark shading between the large shapes to create a layered appearance and provide contrast between tones of similar luminance, which allowed  for the outline to be broken up. The larger shapes provide fore a more effective pattern at a distance by keeping the colors from blobbing together into one mass. White peaks are included to counter the holes and provide further contrast.

Warlord and MTP

The inspiration in the development of the pattern came from African brushstroke patterns that were utilized in semi-arid environments i.e. Rhodesia. The Warlord moniker tied right in with something you would see a tinpot African Dictator wearing. The shapes were developed to resemble terrain features including rocks, dirt, ground remnants, and mud, as well as foliage elements. In our previous mention of the Warlord pattern, there were some comments that it was too much like MTP, so there is a side by side of the two patterns on fabric for a quick comparison. 

Zero Division had a combat shirt, boonie hat, and BDU pant made with the Warlord transitional pattern as seen in the photo at the start of the post. They also made a coat which can be seen in the photo below. This is just the start of their Warlord family of patterns that they have in the works. They also have a pattern in the works that will be completely different than we have seen on the market that is due for release by the Spring of 2013. Other interesting products are in development at this time outside the camouflage realm that we will cover as soon as they are ready to go. 

Warlord Transitional Camouflage Field Shot
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