Sunday, October 14, 2012

VEPR 12 Shotgun Adopted by NATO Nations

The VEPR 12 is just now making its way stateside through Atlantic Firearms and now it has been announced the Russian State manufacturer Rostechnologii has 17 out of 28 NATO nations adopting their semi-automatic shotgun. The shotgun utilizes an AK Rifle platform with 12 gauge ammunition and is manufactured at their Molot factory.  

VEPR 12 Semi-Auto Shotgun
While, they have not named all of the nations taking on the shotgun, Germany will be at least one of the countries, whose Bundeswehr already utilizes the weapon for CQB. Schmeisser GmbH, the world renown German firearms manufacturer is also the European distributor of the weapon. They do note that several modifications will be made to the VEPR-12 for to meet NATO specifications.. 

The release pointed out that developed several modifications "Vepr-12", which, after passing the necessary formalities will be put into service of NATO. It is also noted that they will be working on a VEPR-15, which will be produced in conjunction with Waffen Schumacher, a German firearms distributor and be chambered in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO.

The Russian State manufacturer is making huge strides in merging their Kalashnikov rifle design with round popularly utilized by Western nations. We have seen many similar plans from their Izhmash plant, so a concerted move to further gains from exports is clearly in the works. Clearly change is good in the midst of bankruptcy reorganization.

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