Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vega Boxer Holster

Everyone that conceal carries has their own personal means to secure their weapon. There are plenty of schools of thought on it, but to each their own when they figure out what is comfortable and effective.  There are already multiple holsters and CCW clothing products on the market to fit the needs of just about any preference.

Vega Boxer Holster
The Vega Boxer Holster secures your handgun to the rear in pockets built into the boxer. There is also a pocket on each side for a spare magazine, flashlight, handcuffs, knife or other EDC items. The boxer is manufactured with antimicrobial treated microfiber fabric, but we would assume you would want more than just one pair if you are going to make this your preferred option for concealed carry. 

It turns out Vega Holster out of Pisa, Italy will be showing off their wares at SHOT Show 2013. We be sure to stop by to take a first hand look at the product, hopefully that is all they are showing off. We don't want any T&E cat walk going down for this product. 

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