Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ukraine Testing New Uniforms in A-TACS AU CAMO

Recently the Ukraine Ministry of Defense held the Prospective 2012 combat training exercises. During the training they tested out their latest equipment including the experimental uniforms seen in the photo below, which utilizes the A-TACS AU Camouflage. These are the first photos we have seen of an nations armed forces wearing the A-TACS pattern.

Ukrainian Soldiers in Experimental Uniforms with A-TACS AU Camouflage
Details were not provided as to why this camouflage pattern was featured on the uniforms being tested, nor any information on a potential change to the Army's camouflage pattern. The Defense Minister did note that the soldiers found the uniforms to be comfortable and did not restrict movement.

Ukraine Soldier in A-TACS Camouflage at Prospective 2012
Multiple nations are considering new camouflage options for their military and testing a variety of modern options. We also see in the shot below that the soldier is wearing a MultiCam rig, which select Ukrainian forces have been known to utilize as well. No official indication has been provided to the use of A-TACS during this testing, but there are plenty of options available at their discretion. 

A-TACS Uniform on Ukraine Soldier
Photos Copyrighted by MOD Ukraine
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