Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Task Force CB 1/6 Scale Models

We got wind of Task Force CB and its founder John McCormick from Brane Cervek of S.S.F.N and designer of LandCamo. They are working together to bring the LandCamo patterns to 1/6 scale models, which is the specialty of Task Force CB. 

Task Force CB MTP Smock
Mr. Cervek pointed out to us that Mr. McCormick is currently serving in the British Army, and has a very good eye for quality and perfection when he commissions new articles of clothing and equipment to be manufactured. We checked out his new Green Wolf Gear line featuring the British MTP Pattern and were quite impressed with the detail he puts into his work.

We talked with Mr. McCormick and he gave us some background on his life and what led him to his new venture. John McCormick is a Sergeant  with 17 years of service completed and has an armored background  serving on Challenger 2 MBT's. He always had an interest in 1/6th scale military action figures since owning his first "Action man" (British equivalent of G.I Joe).

He started collecting and creating dioramas to display the figures, there was always lots of different figures to create from the WW2 era both Allied and Axis. However, for modern figures it was pretty limited to loads of U.S Military action figures with MARPAT and MultiCam, but very little in the way of other camo patterns.

Given the limited options, he decided to look into manufacturing some of the other camouflage patterns that are currently in service and decided to use British MTP as a test bed, as this was a pattern, which he first hand knowledge and knew the detail of the equipment very well. His prior experience enabled him to reproduce every detail possible into 1/6th scale. The first production run was 100 items due to the costs involved and limited in manufacturing. However, he looks to larger scale operations for future projects once retired from his service.

Task Force CB MTP Osprey Mk7

Task Force CB is developing a model of the new British Mk7 helmets and is creating a few different versions with expected delivery to come very soon. Aside from LandCamo, Task Force CB can be expected to delve into some of the other camouflage patterns we have covered over the past year including options from Fear Gear and Hyde Definition, just to name a few. We can think of a particular pair of mini miscreants that could use a costume change. View the current Green Wolf Gear selection in British Multi-Terrain Pattern at: 

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