Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sun Devil Pistol with EFFIN A Stainless Steel

The EFFIN A Compensator comes in two finishes with the majority of people picking up the black version. We do ship out a fair share of stainless steel for those gun owners looking for an aesthetic different than your standard black rifle. In this case an owner of a nice Sun Devil Manufacturing custom AR-15 Pistol provided us with some photos of their rifle with the EFFIN A 556 Comp in stainless steel from Ares Armor. 

Sun Devil AR Pistol with EFFIN A 556 Compensator Stainless Steel
For those not familiar with Sun Devil Manufacturing, they are a local Mesa, AZ company that specializes in producing their own CNC Machined Solid Billet rifles chambered in .223 or .308 and offer their own Devilcoat, which is an NP3 Coating as seen here. The stainless steel comp looks great with this AR Pistol as well as many other rifles with a similar aesthetic. We still have plenty of the Stainless Steel EFFIN A 556 in stock at Predator Armament and more of the black version coming in next week. 

Sun Devil Manufacturing AR-15 Pistol
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