Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snake Hound Machine Sub-Compact CCW Holsters

Three new kydex holster designs have been released by Snake Hound Machine for a wide range of the top pistols on the market including the Shield,  LCP, LC9, Glock 26/27, Bodyguard, XDS, and P3AT.

SHM Appendectomy Low Pro Holster
The SHM Appendectomy Low Pro Holster rides high with a close comfortable fit for easy concealment under a shirt. These features combined with a strong cant allow for a quick draw using  your strong or weak hand.

SHM Compact Magazine Carrier
Their next selection is an accessory holster utilized to carry one or two magazines or a magazine with flashlight as seen here. The SHM Compact Magazine carrier also rides high and has a low profile against the body for easy concealment. A wide selection of options is available to customize your holster to your own needs and model of pistol or flashlight.

SHM IWB Low Pro Holster
The third option is the SHM IWB Low Pro Holster offering complete concealment inside the waistband. The pistol holsters are available with or without space for a laser including a custom selection from the top three laser sight manufacturers in the industry. You can also choose your color option from Black, OD Green, Coyote, Wolf Grey, Desert MARPAT, and Woodland MARPAT. Other options are provided for each selection based on fitting the holster to your needs. The holsters are now available for ordering at

SHM IWB Holster  Desert MARPAT for Ruger LCP
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