Friday, October 19, 2012

Quantum Stealth: Making Camouflage Obsolete on the Front Line

If you can bend light around an object and effectively render it undetectable then why bother with other forms of concealment. Hyperstealth's Quantum Stealth, as explained in their latest release on the technology will completely change warfare as we know it. Many will find the title of this post alone to be hyperbole, but if Quantum Stealth will do what Guy Cramer claims it will do, then camouflage past and present will be a device used by civilians or simply for military uniform decoration of times passed. Of course, this is only the case for those Armed Forces with access to the technology.

Based on the claims and discussion from Mr. Cramer surrounding the security concerns with the functionality of Quantum Stealth, the only recognition of its substantiated capabilities will be from   enemy forces or their respective government officials describing ghost forces conducting operations undetected. When there is a proliferation of these reports, then one may suspect something like this is at at play, unless there are blatant leaks about its use. 

Interestingly, Mr. Cramer points out that they already have counter measures to detect their own Quantum Stealth technology. Obviously if one knows how the camouflage functions, they too could create the same counter measures. 

There are surely skeptics out there when it comes to someone claiming they can bend light. Nonetheless, if a particular piece of technology does exist, who can we trust with such an invisibility cloak? There may be great men in this world that can be trusted with the capability of moving about undetected. However, no matter what the counter measures may be, I think the majority of folks would be a bit creeped out knowing that anyone could move freely into their personal space unbeknownst to them. Clearly the implication is that Quantum Stealth is in good hands. 

Be sure to read the full article on Quantum Stealth at They also cover the Smart Camo technology, which is a pattern that can change colors depending on several AO conditions, but it really seems like an afterthought when our troops can rove around like the invisible man.

HyperStealth Smart Camo
If Quantum Stealth works as Guy Cramer says, then he is a better man than most for giving up such a technology. The implications of moving undetected would provide quite an array of capabilities. There have been some decent invisible man stories told in fiction, but just imagine the strange possibilities if it were a reality. 

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