Tuesday, October 16, 2012

P40 Commandos Pant in PenCott Camouflage

Uni & Forma out of Slovenia has been have been developing some innovative military clothing and have now brought PenCott multi-environment camouflage from Hyde Definition to their P40 Commandos Pant. Their tactical pant features a a Scholler® stretch material in the seat and waist region to provide a more comfortable design for mobility. 

UFPRO P40 Commandos Pant - PenCott Badlands
They note that the upper rear portion of the pant is not as critical in regards to concealment, which is why the solid brown color of the stretch material does not take away from the overall camouflage viability. Plus, aesthetically the brown meshes well with the color palette of the Badlands pattern. The camouflage areas of the pant are 50/50 NYCO with NIR protection.

P40 Commandos Pant Rear
Additional features of the P40 Commandos Pant include external knee pad pockets and double belt loops. Uni & Form will offer both the Badlands and GreenZone pattern for this product. See full details for the new pant at

Uni & Forma P40 Commandos Pant Belt Loop
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