Saturday, October 20, 2012

MOLOT Vepr-9 (VPO-132)

We have seen a lot of news pouring out concerning the latest commercial weapons being released by the Russian firearms manufacturers. Izhmash and Molot are developing a variety of options based on the AK platform and are also releasing commercial version of the Vityatz-SN Submachine Gun.  

MOLOT Vepr-9 (VPO-132)
Photo by Vitaly V. Kusmin
The Saiga-9 has received a lot of attention for its semi-auto conversion of the Submachine Gun and now we are seeing that Molot was showing off their own extended barrel version with the Vepr- 9(VPO-132) at Moscow's Arms and Hunting Exhibition earlier this week.

The Vepr-9 features a pistol style mag well, a Magpul MOE Stock, pistol grip, at vertical grip. It also appears to have a reciprocating ambi charging handle and magazine release. In contrast the Saiga-9 has a triangle stock and traditional 30 round magazine and comes with a second coupled magazine, which better fits with the Vityatz-SN. The Vepr-9 has a custom external receiver adapter for mil-spec M4 stocks.

This may seem to be a bulky option for most in terms of a 9mm round at 7.7 pounds, but we are sure there is a niche that Molot is looking to fill and perhaps they will up the ante with a .45 version. The barrel does work out to 15", so if you have a pinned muzzle device, then you can avoid NFA stamp, assuming they make their way stateside. We would expect more interest in the Vepr if these two options come stateside given the more familiar features and overall aesthetic, but this will probably come with a premium as well. 

Izhmash Saiga-9
Thanks to our friends over at Snake Hound Machine for giving the run down on key features. Molot is probably looking to snag some of their focused market share. If you want to see more of the latest Russian firearms coming up, check out all photos shot by Vitaly V. Kuzmin with his full collection provided at Moscow International Exhibition ARMS & Hunting 2012

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