Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mil Kit Bag

GORUCK has released their Mil Kit Bag based on the aviator bag design to be utilized for deployment. The bag features the capability to carry large loads no matter what the purpose may be, including large boulders, which was one method they utilized to test out the bags durability. The Mil Kit bag has one huge compartment, which can carry large items including armor, weapons, etc., along with a large external pocket for easy access items such as a map, notepad, or other slim items. 

MultiCam GORUCK Mil Kit Bag
Internally there is some means for organization including an internal mesh pocket for moderate sized items, and a small zippered pouch for phone, credit cards, etc. GORUCK offers the Mil Kit Bag in MultiCam, which is IR compliant, and has PALS Webbing on one end for customizing your load with any MOLLE compatible attachments. 

GORUCK Mil Kit Bag Internal Mesh Pocket
The GORUCK Mil Kit Bag also comes in Sand and Black for a more discrete option and they point out that the airlines won't destroy it if used between deployments when used as for civvie travel. Perhaps a writer friend from Breach Bang Clear of ours can take heed, but we are sure the airlines will find a way to wreak havok on his kit no matter what bag he uses. This could be a tough task as the Mil Kit Bag tested to carry over 400 pounds with volume for up to 84 liters and is made in the US with 1000D Cordura Nylon. 

Mil Kit Bag in Sand

GORUCK  has a complete in-house  proving session that put their product to task with loads that are not conducive to keeping your bag in working condition long. You can order the Mil Kit Bag or view additional specs and images at

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