Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MAPA: New Camouflage Tested for Polish Army

We have covered sever uniforms manufactured by the Polish company SPECOPS, utilizing some of the most innovative camouflage patterns on the market for field trials with their nation's Army. Their future soldier project is looking at the viability of a family of patterns. SPECOPS has now released details and imagery of a new experimental camouflage called MAPA, which translates to map in English. The patterns are focused at the terrain and vegetation found in Poland. Below is a field shot of the MAPA pattern in its current iteration on an MBS-2 Combat Uniform developed by SPECOPS. 

SPECOPS MBS-2 in MAPA Camouflage 
The MAPA camouflage patterns are under development  by an ASP post-grad named Maciej Dojlitko and alterations to the pattern are still under consideration while the pattern is being tested utilizing a complete scientific study. A comparison test is scheduled to consider its effectiveness against the current Polish Army camouflage wz.92 "PANTERA". 

MAPA Camouflage
The camouflage pattern in what we assume to be its woodland variant appears quite convincing for the intended environment seen in these photos. To learn more about the company fielding the camouflage in the photos seen here, visit:

MAPA Camouflage for Polish Army
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