Monday, October 22, 2012

MAPA Camouflage Comparisons

MultiCam is the general baseline that many people like to use for comparisons on effectiveness. Clearly this is due to is growing popularity that the pattern has seen over the past 5 years combined with its proven capability to provide good concealment in Afghanistan. SPECOPS has provided us with the latest field shots comparing the new MAPA camouflage pattern with MultiKama as well as wz.93 "Pantera", which is currently the camouflage of choice for the Polish Army. MultiKama is essentially the Polish knockoff of MultiCam used by Polish Special Forces. 

MAPA Camouflage
All three uniforms shown are the SPECOPS MBS-2 Combat Uniform. The MAPA camo is printed on a 100% polyester fabric which is substandard given the higher reflection of light. The other uniforms feature a standard NYCO Ripstop fabric.

From Left to Right: MAPA, Multikama,  wz. 93
All photography is provided by the designer of Mapa, Maciej Dojilitko and has not been altered by photoshop. The location is a forest near Gdansk, Poland

From Left to Right: MAPA, MultiKama Camouflage

SPECOPS has manufactured their uniforms in a wide range of camouflage patterns, which we have covered here. They will be providing similar field shots in the near future utilizing popular camouflage patterns including A-TACS FG, A-TACS AU, and the PenCott family of patterns.

From Left to Right: wz.93, MAPA
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