Saturday, October 27, 2012

KUIU Verde Camouflage Pattern

KUIU may not be looking to develop military camouflage, but they are certainly sharing elements with their latest Verde Camo. We have discussed crossover camouflage in several instances where traditional military camouflage designs are utilized by hunters and vice versa. Camouflage designers or seeing the potential for cross over, whether it be focusing on the two sides of the fence with the same patterns or by converting existing patterns to share concepts. Sure you can have two different lines to focus on hunters or the military market, but it simply makes sense to cover the bases with one pattern using elements that work. 

KUIU Verde Camouflage
Developing good outdoor clothing keys in on several factors that generally are the same for all end users when it comes to durability, protection from the elements, and performing the intended function while being as light as possible. The founder of KUIU, Jason Hairston, was also the founder and former CEO of Sitka before selling the company to Gore. Clearly he has a good track record in terms of creating good hunting clothing lines and developing interesting camouflage patterns that sell.

Mr. Hairston states his vision for KUIU as wanting to make the lightest and best performing Mountain Hunting Clothing possible. There is a lot of competition in this market, but if he can bring the goods in terms of design, quality performance materials, and overall effectiveness for hunting, then he may bring KUIU up to a level on par with his prior success. 

KUIU Vias and Verde Camouflage (Left to Right)
The key factors that stood out for the new Verde Camouflage were the pixelated pattern reminiscent of some European digital patterns, along with a scale-like base with deformed shapes that appears to be an popular trend though not in this exact fashion. The palette is quite simple with just four colors, which was also the case for their prior Vias camouflage. The Vias pattern is far from your typical twig and berry hunter camouflage, but is more in line with what you are finding to be the popular choice for affordable big box store hunting apparel, which also falls in line with prior military options.

Merino 185 Neck Gaiter in Verde Camouflage
The Verde Camouflage pattern is fresh on the scene so we will be interested in seeing more photos in actual use for a better look at its effectiveness. Camouflage patterns aside, we do see that KUIU is utilizing high quality lightweight materials in the production of their outerwear including top notch Merino Wool, Toray Primeflex 4-Way Stretch Soft Shell, and are going to introduce a new Superdown insulation line using Toray's Quixdown, which is a natural down that promises to provide high loft with extreme water repellent capabilities, as seen with synthetic fibers. View their full line of KUIU products and more photos of their camouflage patterns at

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