Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kommando Magazine: Austria EKO COBRA Choose PenCott

We have posted on some great coverage from Kommando: International Special Operations Magazine, particular in regard to camouflage developments. They have now released a full overview looking at Hyde Definition's PenCott GreenZone Pattern, with special distinction given to its new use by the snipers of Austria's Counter Terrorism Unit EKO COBRA. If you are not yet familiar with the pattern, then this is a great read to orient yourself with its design background, development, and ability to conceal. 

EKO COBRA is now utilizing the Gen II Sniper Trousers, Combat Field Shirt, and Smock manufactured by SABRE. Read the complete English translation of the article at Be sure to check out the corresponding link to the German article for additional images. 

Austria EKO Cobra Sniper in PenCott GreenZone Camouflage
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