Saturday, October 13, 2012

Idiots Inspiring Technology

Laser Eye Protection is being developed for use by pilots in order to block out distracting light beams sent out by idiots purchasing the laser devices and aiming them at aircraft. This has been an issue in the United States and a problem for commercial pilots. Apparently, the UK Ministry of Defence has also received reports on a growing problem and is developing the LEP Glasses to protect their pilots from the disturbance. 

Laser Eye Protection Spectacles Prototype
Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2012
The LEP glasses' goal is to block out different wavelengths on the light spectrum associated with the laser devices. While the key focus may be on combating immature or ill-intended actions of a few, this could lead to developments that could protect against future weaponry or other devices utilizing laser technology. Necessity is the mother of invention and jackasses can sometimes provide the impetus for innovation. View the full article on the new anti-laser eyewear at

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