Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hill People Gear Prairie Belt

HPG is rounding out the support of their load bearing equipment with a new innovative battle belt / pack belt that can be utilized on its own or in conjunction with their packs as well as their shoulder harness. Hill People Gear tends to focus on the practical aspect of their equipment as apposed to the tactical slant most manufacturers are leaning. However, they are certainly blurring the lines with the versatility of their upcoming Prairie Belt.

Hill People Gear Prairie Belt
Upper and Lower Stabilizer straps come with the belt to be configured as needed or removed completely based on your personal needs for the Prairie belt. The straps can be connected to the shoulder harness for a new take on a suspender system when the belt is worn on its own. The four straps used in conjunction with a pack will provide a very stable system along with an efficient distribution of weight. 

HPG Prairie Belt with Accessories
Closed cell foam padding is integrated into the belt at the lumbar region with a plastic insert to maintain form. Waist pad inserts are removable via Velcro closures for individual adjustment or customization. They also integrated loops amidst the PALS webbing to integrate a climbing rack. The strap keepers along with the loops for the climbing rack can be utilized for routing climbing webbing to construct a safety harness. 

We really like the versatility of the design of the belt system and look forward to the finished product. The photos seen here are simply a production sample, but they definitely have a good thing going so far. You can see full details of the Prairie Belt and find availability updates at the Hill People Gear Forum

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