Sunday, October 28, 2012

FEAR GEAR D1RT Camouflage in Afghanistan

Snipers from a unit deployed to Afghanistan had requested that Fear Gear develop a product for them to utilize that featured their D1RT Camouflage, so they could field test the pattern for effectiveness. Fear Gear provided them with their 100% Polyester Heavy Duty mesh. The shot below shows how it ca be rolled up and integrated on an armor carrier for quick deployment. 

FEAR GEAR D1RT HD Mesh on Body Armor Carrier
The Heavy Duty mesh cover makes for a simple yet effective means for concealment and the D1RT Patters colorway fit in with the area surrounding the FOB were they took these shots. 

FEAR GEAR D1RT Heavy Duty Mesh Sniper Cover 
The shot below shows the hide in place on a slope at a moderate distance. The pattern does a decent job at blending in with the dirt despite the burm providing a featureless terrain for concealment aside from some differentiation in levels. 

Sniper Hide with FEAR Gear D1RT Camo
This is the close up view in case you missed it in the previous shot. You can see another member of the unit on the hill top with a clearly recognizable profile. A simple means for concealment can easily hide the human form from detection, especially if you have a effective pattern to go along with whatever the medium man be. 

Sniper Hide with FEAR GEAR D1RT Camo Up Close
FEAR Gear specializes in camouflage design and has other patterns and products in development for use by military forces. We look forward to seeing their future projects and sharing them here. For more information visit:

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