Friday, October 12, 2012

Delta Six Game Controller

Kotkin Enterprises developer of the Avenger Controller is going to be giving some whiners a big kick in the pants when it comes to the realistic nature of first person shooter games when they release the Delta Six controller. If you haven't burned out on the Call of Duty or are on an on again off again love affair with the Battlefield series, then you may consider plunking down $89 for the new hybrid simulated gun controller for FPS gaming. The gun controller provides motion control, a scope, and the convertibility to be a SMG, Sniper, or Standard Rifle. The key advantage over traditional controllers lies in the accelerometer, which they purport to put you on target faster with easier aiming providing an edge over others trying to hunt you down. 

Delta Six Game Controller 
The Delta Six also features simulated recoil, pressure switch on the stock that activates the aiming function, and reloading the magazine as you would with a standard rifle. Kotkin does point out in the release that their product is focused toward the adult gaming crowd in case there was any confusion as we are sure there will be if any disgruntled folks look at it from the wrong angle. With previous hubub given to such subjects, we will not be surprised. We are sure there will be plenty of COD fan boys flocking to to buy the Delta Six as soon as they can throw it in a shopping cart, whether real or virtual. 

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