Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Camillus Survivorman Machete

Les Stroud and Camillus Knives have teamed up to release the new SK Jungle Surival Machete. The SK Jungle Machete is designed with survival in mind by providing a 2/10 inch thick blade and a moderate by not unwieldy length under 12 inches. Overall length including handle comes in at 18 inches. This blade size is great for chopping brush, skinning animals, and other multi-purpose tasks.

Les Stroud Camillus SK Jungle Survival Machete

The blade of the survival machete is manufactured with a 440 Stainless steel that is treated with a chemical process bonds titanium and chromium nitride to the steel, providing a surface 300% harder that the steel on its own. The finish penetrates the steel so it does not easily wear away. The treatment also protects the steel from corrosion and provides a slick surface for easier cutting. 

Les Stroud has built his name as the original Survivorman from the popular TV series. He is known for putting himself in to real life situations in the elements, without a backup crew, where real deal tools are needed for survival.  The blade he has helped design with Camillus has a slight sweep inward in order to better capture any item being cut with the machete. The flat tip can be used for digging, prying, or other small tasks. The edge is extremely sharp and can be used for chopping. 

Camillus Survivorman Machete

The handle features a large lanyard hole and includes TPR rubber inserts for a secure grasp on the machete that is comfortable through repeated use. A hard steel pommel is provided for use as a hammer. The machete comes complete with a nylon sheath that integrates a fire starter and mess pocket for other small survival tools. The machete weights in under 2 pounds and the blade has a hardness of 55 on the Rockwell C scale. The Camillus Les Stroud SK Jungle Survival Machete is now available for ordering along with other knives in the SK line at

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