Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bunker for Your Pickup

The ConsoleBunker is a great option for those that want to store their firearms in their vehicle securely and ready to go at the drop of a hat. The bunker is manufactured by Heracles Research and is manufactured with aluminum. The locking mechanism is programmed into your door lock system. There is ample space to throw in a bail out bag, med kit, and just about any other emergency equipment needed on the road. However, the ultimate intention is for the storage of firearms including a carbine, shotgun, or pistol. 

ConsoleBunker by Heracles Research

Clearly your truck needs ample space to fit the console, which is the case for the Full Size Chevy Tahoe shown in the photo. We don't see any drink holder integrated, but they do note that the lid has a non-slip surface. Surely you can integrate some interesting mods and compartments to meet your own needs, but there is a steep initial cost at $2.5K, not to mention the need to install. Perhaps something more low profile and low cost would work for keeping your firearms on the go, though we can certainly see why some would want something pre-configured like this. 

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