Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bullseye Camera System

You can say that you have seen it all, but people will always create new products to make things easier. The Bullseye Camera System turns your laptop screen into an instant viewing platform with recognition of your last placed shot along with a comparison against all previous shots on target. 

The total package comes complete with a camera system that includes night vision and laser alignment for your target, tripod mount, system software, rechargeable batter with charger, and carrying case. To bridge the gap between your laptop and the system, a router is provided with a 500 yard range.

Bullseye Target Manager

The promo video below gives a simple explanation on what the system provides. One aspect not mentioned is the Bullseye Target Manager in the software that allows you to save your targets along with notes on rounds utilized, distance, firearms used, and other details for comparative analysis. We could see some definitive utility in this product and a variety of directions they could go with it to make it even more user friendly. For more information and ordering, visit

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