Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Benchmade 62-T Bali-Song Trainer

We thought it was great that Benchmade released their 176 SOCP Dagger with a training version option, so that it can be put to use in an instructional setting with relatively no risk of injury. Now Benchmade has taken the trainer concept to their roots with their latest 62-T Bali-Song Trainer. 

Benchmade 62-T Balisong Trainer
You can already purchase the standard version of the butterfly knife with the same skeletonized handle and a sharp D2 Steel Blade. The trainer will be just slightly less, so we don't suspect there will be too many Billy Badasses looking to pickup the 440C blunt training blade simply to show off to their friends. Clearly Benchmade sees a training niche and has an option to fill it for those that are serious about their knife skills. For ordering updates visit:

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