Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Australian MultiCam Pattern Deploying to Afghanistan

The Australia Ministry of Defence may have taken on their own version of the MultiCam Pattern, but the hearts and bunnies definitely remains. The Australian MultiCam Pattern (AMP) designed by Crye Precision has much smaller blobs than AUSCAM, so the jelly bean moniker may be even more fitting. This particular photo set showed the deployment of Aircraftmen from the Australian Air Force heading to Afghanistan to provide airfield security, which is noted as the first deployment of its kind to the Middle East Area of Operations.  

Australian MultiCam Pattern - Air Force
Copyright: Commonwealth of Australia
Eventually all Australian Troops operating in Afghanistan will switch to the new AMP camouflage after transitioning from DPCU to the original U.S. version of the MultiCam Pattern. As you can see below they still have a mishmash of packs in DPCU, MultiCam,  and solid colors. 

Australian Airforce Deploying to Afghanistan in AMP Camouflage
Copyright: Commonwealth of Australia

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