Friday, October 5, 2012

5.11 Triab 18 TGL Review

We had been considering a post on the 5.11 Triab 18, since it definitely has a versatile design for every day carry. However, our friends over at The Gear Locker beat us to the punch had have a full review on the new pack. We thought they covered the bases well on the ins and outs of the EDC pack and we have provided their full review below. 

5.11 Triab 18 
During Media Day at SHOT Show last year, we saw a prototype of a new bag that 5.11 was in the process of testing and finalizing in design.  It was a larger, convertible sling style bag that could go from a sling to a backpack, and had MOLLE inside and out, and incorporated their Brokos Belt.  This prototype became the Triab 18, and we were very excited with 5.11 asked us if we wanted to review their new bag.

The bag is made from 1050 Denier Nylon and let’s start the review looking at the outside of the bag and then working our way in. On the outside, you have MOLLE and two small mesh pouches and 5.11 has even included some Velcro for your name tapes, morale patches, or ID patches.  You have three sets of straps, which allow you to store a jacket or a bedroll (using the bottom strap) to the outside of the Triab 18.  The two mesh pockets can be used to store a water bottle or Nalgene bottle while you are on the go. On the top of the bag, there is a very nice “Grab and Go” handle that allows you to easily and quickly grab the bag and sling it, or just go!  You also have the Velcro flap that coves the hydration tub exit port.

Triab 18 Sling Configuration
5.11 designed the Triab 18 can to be used as an ambidextrous sling bag or as a backpack. You can run it either way, and stowing the left or right strap is a breeze and it is not noticeable once stowed. I am currently running it as a sling bag and the  mesh/padded shoulder strap is very comfortable and you do not fee the “bite” that can occur when you have a lot of weight in the back of the bag.

On the inside of the bag, you have room for a hydration bladder, an armor plate, or you can mount a pistol in the TacTec Pistol compartment.  5.11 has even put several rows of MOLLE with Velcro that would allow you to add internal pouches if you wanted to. You will also see several small internal pockets that allow you to store small pieces of gear.

5.11 Triab 18 Interior

The bag has plenty of storage for a day-hike out into the woods or the mountains. By adding the Brokos Belt to the backpack configuration, you have an excellent hiking setup.  The sling configuration is excellent as an EDC bag (that is what I am using it for) and bag that you can fit your gear into for a day at the range or the field. If are working in a position that requires you to carry a concealed weapon, then this bag gives you that option and it is completely out of sight until needed. Finally, the ability to have an armor plate in the bag gives those that need it the ability to have the back protection as they work in those covert roles.

If you are looking for a new bag, I would strongly recommend checking out 5.11′s newest offering on their Tactical Backpack page.  The Triab 18 retails for $139.00 and comes in Standstone (Pictured) or Ash. 

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