Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zero Division Signature Management Camouflage

We come across a lot of camouflage designs and are presented with a variety of patterns developed by different designers around the globe. Zero Division Signature Management is a U.S. based design  company starting to finalize development on several families of camouflage patterns that they have in the works.  They have provided us with a sneak peek at their Warlord Transitional pattern utilizing a simulated ACU.

Zero Division Signature Management Camouflage
Warlord has four differing colorway variants, which are adapted to provide concealment in a Desert or Woodland Environment, as well as the the Transitional option seen here and a Snow selection. This particular pattern is developed through brushstroke, but Zero Division Signature Management also produces pixellated digital patterns as well. 

Many camouflage design companies have other creative ventures in designing products outside the purview of concealment technology and Zero Division is not a one trick pony. We have seen just one of their products, which will certainly prove useful in conjunction with a lot of MOLLE gear on the market. We will soon have more details on their concealment solutions and beyond. 

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