Thursday, September 27, 2012

USMC Wants You to Design a Tank

We have a lot of creative readers out there who have sent us very innovative design concepts and actually finished products over the past couple years, so we think this is a great challenge for those looking to put their great ideas to work. The FANG Challenge is certainly on a grand scale as DARPA is looking for innovative minds to design an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle to compete against other designs and ultimately have their vehicle produced by their foundry.

Ultimately you would need a team for such a project, but the simplistic nature of the ground rules give the opportunity for bright minds to take heed and potentially develop a product that would be utilized to help our military and provide a unique ground vehicle for evaluation by the US Marine Corps that may not have been developed otherwise. DARPA has provided a video for the FANG Challenge to give the low down and may convince many to put their great ideas to task.

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