Friday, September 7, 2012

T.R.U. All Terrain Tiger Stripe Review

Our friends over at UW Gear reviewed the new Tactical Response Uniform in the new All Terrain Tiger Stripe pattern offered by TRU-SPEC. You can find a wide range of coverage on all types of new clothing, gear, and camouflage patterns at the UW Gear Discussion Forums. They utilize a lot of the latest patterns on the market in their nylon gear as the material comes available. The latest coverage of the T.R.U. in the new ATT Camo gives an indepth look at the uniform itself as well as the an overview on the new pattern and how it compares to the Desert Tiger Stripe pattern. 

UW Gear Founder in All Terrain Tiger Stripe T.R.U. 
The video below gives a great review of the TRU-SPEC T.R.U., which is an improved version of the Army Combat Uniform and was the first uniform offered in the All Terrain Tiger Stripe Pattern. In addition to their extensive forum, UW Gear offers some great rigs, pouches, and more at 

All Terrain Tiger Stripe BDU Coat
In addition to the T.R.U., we are  now offering a more affordable uniform in the ATT™ Camo with the TRU-SPEC BDU Pant and 4-Pocket BDU Coat as seen in the photo above, which is also manufactured in 50/50 NYCO and now available at This is a great option for those that like the function and aesthetic of the traditional battle dress uniform. 

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