Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Softer Side of Kalashnikov

A couple months back we had touched on Izhmash releasing a modified version of their AK-74M, which will shoot plastic BB's for use in Airsoft. Now the world reknown AK manufacturer has put out a promo video showing how the rifles can be used. We have not seen a rifle manufacturer of their ilk embrace Airsoft to this degree with their own in-house production and promotion, but then again, we do not follow along as well as those that are actually involved with laying down a rain of plastic.

If anything the Airsoft version of their own AK can certainly help the beleaguered company stay afloat, while they work out the problems in selling their wide range of rifles. Their video promo illustrates the specs and its production value definitely shows their dedication to getting this product noticed. They are sure to promote some of the more interesting methods of using their rifle, which may not hold up for other options on the market. 

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