Saturday, September 15, 2012

Roggenwolf Desert Warg Camo in the Field

SPECOPS released additional photos of the MBS-1 Uniform in Afghanistan utilizing Roggenwolf's Warg Desert Camouflage Pattern. The pattern shown is the original version known as Warg 5D-PL. Roggenwolf has some great developments in the works, since taking the runner up spot in the New Zealand Camouflage Effort selection process. 

SPECOPS MBS-1 Roggenwolf Warg 5D-PL
Upon receiving feedback from the personnel that utilized the pattern out in the field, Roggenwolf has adjusted the pattern it integrate more greens and grey for a better fit with the intended environment. The latest iteration is known as Warg 5D as shows below. SPECOPS was instrumental in manufacturing uniforms with the Roggenwolf Warg patterns and we look forward to future collaborations. 

Roggenwolf WARG-5D

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