Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Padded Harness for Chest Rigs

BCS has introduced an entirely new Padded Harness system that takes up more real estate across the back of your shoulders, which provides for a more comfortable distribution of weight. The added support across the rear, which connects the two shoulder straps provides for a secure means of carrying a rig, especially when quick or jarring movement is a necessity. All BCS rigs include a lot of storage space with mag pouches, large pouch in rear, and webbing for added pouches, so the support, comfort, and customized fit of the harness make up for the stowed weight that can add up. 

BCS Padded Harness
We always like innovations like this since they are simple in nature, but the Padded Harness provides more than just one key function. There are three rows of webbing at the rear of the harness to carry a hydration carrier, pouches, or relatively small pack. This can allow for a much more streamlined and lightweight means of loading out if added protection is not needed or speed is of the essence. 

Padded Harness w/ BCS Chest Rig
Additional features include routing ports built into the shoulder straps for securing hydro tube or comms wiring. The harness is also equipped with a low profile drag handle for easy manipulation of the rig when not being worn. The Padded Harness is compatible will all chest rigs offered by BCS. You can now order the BCS Padded Harness in a variety of popular camouflage and solid colors at

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