Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Eberlestock Micro-Condo and Shooter's Nest

Eberlestock is best known for their innovative packs with many designed to carry rifles and other firearms, which are popular among hunters and military personnel. They are also delving into rifle stocks among other unique products for the shooting community. This month they have started offering two new sleeping systems that are improvements on the minimalist bivvy concept. 

Eberlestock Shooter's Nest
Carinthia based out of Austria has teamed up with Eberlestock to offer their European manufactured products stateside with both of the new sleep systems manufactured with industry leading Gore-Tex waterproof materials with design concepts focused for military purposes. The Shooter's Nest is essentially an upgraded bivvy with a two pole supported free-standing awning for easy access as well as a clear vantage point for hunting while keeping a low profile in a prone position. This portal can be quickly closed if needed to protect against rain.

The Micro Condo is more comparable to a traditional tent with space to move around, but still keeping a low profile. This option also has a full vantage point outside the tent with see through mosquito netting along with a propped up awning to help keep out the elements. Both sleeping systems weigh in under 4 pounds and compress down for easy carry in a pack. These products along with Carinthia sleeping bags are available for online ordering at 

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