Monday, September 24, 2012

Natick Developing Modular Backpack Panel

Lightweight, comfortable, and customized load carry systems are in a constant evolution and equipment designers are continually seeking innovative ways to provide better products to meet the individual needs for those who need the best gear for combat.  Product designers at the U.S. Natick Soldier Systems Center are looking these differing needs and have developed a Modular Backpack Panel (MPB)  that utilizes the frame and suspension system normally utilized by the Medium Rucksack. 

Modular Backpack Panel
Photo: David Kamm, NSRDEC

The MBP is essentially a simplified MOLLE platform that can be customized to your individual needs. It does have a standard pocket for a hydration bladder and some internal space for stowing other necessities, but the key goal is the allocation of pouches, packs, and any other item that can be affixed to PALS webbing providing a load carry system for equipment, weapon systems, ammunition, etc.  

We can see the Modular Backpack Panel as a versatile option for rear load carry much like we have seen with the various products developed to be directly attached to armor carriers. Clearly there are times when a full sized ruck is a necessity, but this platform will allow for carrying just the essentials with the possibility for a low profile and without any wasted space going along for the ride. Panels have been developed in various configurations, but the MBP takes the existing frame already utilized and puts it to use for its proven support and stability.  View full details for the Modular Backpack Panel at

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