Saturday, September 29, 2012

Izhmash AK-74 Upgrades

Izhmash has been making rifles for the Russian military since 1803 and has announced potential upgrades to their AK-74 Rifle, which many have been doing for years. The image below provides a look at some of the potential modifications that can be made to the modern day version of the rifle that were presented to the Interagency Working Group for the Military-Industry Commission of Russia.

Izhmash AK-74 Modified

Standard modifications can be done by military unit workshops with the addition of Picatinny Rail for the side bar and on the forearm. The modernization will give many advantages to the rifle platform by allowing the use various sights as well as infrared illuminators with laser designators, range finder, and a front grip.

Additional on-site factory modifications can be made to add Picatinny rail to the handguard, along with a folding handle, adjustable buttstock, ergonomic pistol grip, and a magazine that allows you to keep count of remaining ammunition. Estimated cost of the upgrades care estimated to range from 2K-10K Roubles ($65 to $335 USD).  Izhmash will present the prototype to TSNIITOCHMASH in late October to November after which they be looking into any possible modernization of the standard Russian Army AK-74 Scope.

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