Wednesday, September 5, 2012

HyperStealth Quantum Stealth Field Shot Mockup

From time to time HyperStealth will reveal some of their concealment products that are developed behind the scenes, but without giving away the true technology given the privacy issues behind their camouflage designs. Quantum Stealth has certainly been one of developments that raises eyebrows  and raises questions as to the validity of its inventor, Guy Cramer's claims. This photo is one of their mockups out in the field showing the capabilities of the camouflage. Hyperstealth would not release to means or material utilized to develop this demonstration, but did note that cameras and projectors were not utilized.

HyperStealth Quantum Stealth Mockup 
For some quick background, the Quantum Stealth camouflage system is supposed to act much like what you may have seen in the movie Predator, where the wearer instantly blends in with the surrounding environment. The concept put forth is that this technology was created through the refraction of light. This would mean an observer's background view would take the place of whomever or whatever is utilizing the  technology. While the mockup does show the model's shadow, it is noted by HyperStealth that this would be reduced by 95% for the real technology. 

Quantum Stealth was developed for Land, Air, and Sea vehicles, however it has been divulged that a power source is not needed, so one could surmise the possibility for it to be utilized on uniforms assuming the actual material is not too bulky. This would certainly be a huge development for the world of camouflage and could effectively rules a lot of prior concealment options obsolete.  For more information on Quantum Stealth, visit:

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