Saturday, September 29, 2012

HSGI Saiga 12 Mag TACO Pouch

Taco pouches are versatile to fit many types of magazines since they are easily adjusted using the threaded shock cord, however Stoic Ventures Training and Consulting has shown off a Taco Mag Pouch from High Speed Gear that is designed specifically for a Saiga 12 Magazine.

HSGI Saiga 12 Taco Pouch
Photo by Stoic Ventures 
You can see that the Saiga 12 Taco pouch shown in A-TACS FG rides much higher on the magazine than a standard single rifle pouch. This Taco, clearly better harnesses the length of the girthy Shotgun shell magazine. It is noted that these are in development for a police agency, but we hope to see them available for purchase over at

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