Friday, September 7, 2012

FR Spec Ops Uniform

Keeping up with the improved protection for those outside the wire, SpecOpShop has announced that they will be bringing on flame resistant fabric from one of the top manufacturers in the industry for the Spec Ops Uniform. All features of the current uniform, which is an improved version of the army combat uniform, will remain the same, except instead of five 1" belt loops, there will be three loops that are 3" wide at the front and rear, and two loops that are 2" wide on each side.

SpecOpShop is also looking into options for a breathable stretch FR material in areas more susceptible to motion such as the crotch and armpits. The material will be the same weight and breath as well as the current NYCO version of the Uniform. The Spec Ops Uniform will be initially available in MultiCam, Woodland, and 3-Color Desert Camouflage and will soon be available at

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