Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DRIFIRE DualCool FR Fabric

DRIFIRE has flame resistant clothing for a wide range of professions where the best protection against fire is needed. They just released full details on their Dual Hazard fabric named DualCool with very impressive results when put to the Burn Test. The results are definitely impressive with less than 10% of the covered area subject to 2nd degree burns. WE have provided the footage of the testing and full press release below.

DRIFIRE®, the premier provider of comfortable flame resistant fabrics and protective apparel, introduces its first dual hazard fabric designed specifically for the oil and gas market.  Its fabric, named DualCool™, features arc-rated thermal protection from flash fire and is in the process of UL Certification.   

In testing, DualCool was found to be twice as durable as competitor fabrics, and provided excellent protection in instrumented mannequin flash fire exposure with less than 10% predicted second degree burns under garment and no third degree burns.  There are challenges in developing a dual hazard fabric that also brings performance capabilities, but DualCool does it all with excellent, durable wicking and odor control—all while being incredibly protective.  

The first usage of DualCool fabric in the DRIFIRE product line will be a coverall.  The coverall features a one-piece, lay-flat collar and a two-way, concealed Nomex® taped zipper.  It has snap closures on cuffs and elastic waist inserts for a customized fit.  While one patch chest pocket has flaps with a concealed snap closure, the other is an open pocket with a pencil stall.  The coverall also features a deep-pleated action back for easy movement, and side vent openings with snap closures. The first colors available are navy blue and gray. 

“We are thrilled to enter the oil and gas market with such a special product, which was the result of over two years of intense development.  DualCool truly is a performance fabric that is breathable, highly protective, and wicks the sweat off the skin to improve body cooling.  Moving the core heat containing sweat away from the skin and body helps to alleviate the chance of heat related injuries on the job.  Most important, its inherent FR protection will protect wearers from electric arc and flash fires,” said Chris Moore, Executive Vice President of Research and Development for DRIFIRE. For more information visit

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