Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Del-Ton Incorporated: AR Low Cost Leader

We frequently discuss the amount of competition in the "Black Rifle" market. Having been to SHOT Show a few times now, it is hard not to see how many manufacturers are out there putting together rifles in one capacity or another and trying to make their imprint in the industry. Of course those that manage to score a booth are just a portion of those that are out there and perhaps there are many that come and go without notice. However, in today's relatively thriving firearms market, there are those rifle manufactures that are looking to bring a quality product at a great cost. 

Delton DT Sport
Del-Ton Incorporated is one such AR-15 manufacturer that is looking to put out a decent rifle with the best price possible. They started as an online retail seller of rifle accessories, so it is not to difficult to see how they saw the advantage of offering the lowest prices possible and carry that over into an entry level rifle that consolidated all costs savings. This has lead to an off the shelf "sight ready rifle" called the Del-Ton DT Sport running around $600 retail depending on where you find it. Not surprising is the fact that it is hard to find one available for purchase.

While we do not have personal experience with the rifle, we do like what we see based on their specs. They also have a Lifetime Warranty, which one must remember is based on the life of the company, not your hopes of cashing in on many more years to come. At first glance, this does look to be a  good   purchase for a base model AR-15 that has enough features to get you going and a price that is more palatable for those who haven't bit the bullet yet. 

Jeff Quinn over at Gunblast presented the review in the video above to give some idea as to what you can expect from the Del-Ton Sport DT. We will let you decide from his experience as to what you think assuming you haven't already been scoping them out. As with many manufacturers, there are upgraded models that include accessories from well known names in the industry including Magpul and Troy, which will of course come at a premium. 

Del-Ton Incorporated
We could hope to check out new offers from Del-Ton Inc. at the next SHOT Show coming up quick. That is of course if they are not too busy filling orders for those seeking out a low cost AR-15. Supply and demand dictates a lot when it comes to price, so who knows how long they will keep these prices around. For additional information and details on the several rifles they offer, visit:

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