Friday, September 14, 2012

Cyalume Snaplight Flare Alternative

We came across this product from Cyalume which is a quite genius way of utilizing their non-toxic chemical activated lightsticks. The concept is quite simple with a two pronged wire stand to prop up the lightstick for viewing with a range of up to a mile.

Cyalume Snaplight 8" Flare Alternative
The obvious use for law enforcement and other public safety officials is inherent as an alternative to road flares, but we could see this as a great option to throw several into an auto safety kit or any bag for a situation where you may want to get easily noticed by propping them up in an open area. Flares certainly have some advantages in regards to acting as a fire starter, but Cyalume is definitely putting their product to use for many versatile safety functions. View full details at their exclusive site for this product:

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