Thursday, September 27, 2012

Body Worn Video for Police Going Live

Several police agencies have already started utilizing TASER's AXON Flex Video recording system. The AXON Flex is essentially a recording device that can be clipped onto any stable platform worn on an officer, i.e. sunglasses, hat, lapel, etc. and provide rolling footage of any action taken by the officer. The intended purpose is to gather evidence, which could include any footage to use as a defense in the event of litigation being brought against the agency employing the officer utilizing the device. 

Taser AXON Flex
TASER International has been in the spotlight from time to time given the widespread use of their non-lethal force products with a lot of questions arising as to the proper usage of their products. The AXON Flex certainly appears to be a proactive step on their part to clear up a lot of the controversy surrounding the proper application of the TASER line of products and is another innovative product that can easily be marketed to their existing customer base. Their main point as seen in the promo photo above is that any complaints against officers will become nil when cameras are on hand to cover any responding officers actions.

The TASER Cam, which is a separate recording device mounted to a TASER electronic control device that can also be used to gather evidence with video footage in the event that the device is put to use. This is just part of the entire puzzle, as they have also launched, which is a central online evidence management system that allows officers to upload any media and data for widespread access and dispersal of information, which can help on many fronts including immediate public relations management. The video below helps explain this in a very simple, but comprehensive fashion.

It has been reported that Modesto PD among other law enforcement agencies are already utilizing AXON Flex for all of their officers during any police response. Now reports that our local Phoenix Police Department will release a Request for Proposal on Body Worn Video Cameras. Perhaps it is a leap that Phoenix PD has the locally based TASER Axon Flex in their sights, but we would be less surprised if Sheriff Joe from the MCSO picked one up with a 24/7 live feed to all local and national news outlets. 

All kidding aside, TASER is staying ahead of the curve in producing innovative products for use by Law Enforcement Officers that protect them in more ways than one. Taser is also not shy to note that their AXON Flex video camera can improve the experience for all parties involved. While we are sure their certain exceptions to this overriding statement, we can see positive aspects from each side of the badge if the technology is used correct. You can view all law enforcement technology offered by the industry leader of Electronic Control Devices at

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