Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AK-47 Recoil Reducing Buttstock

Century International Arms provides a wide range of AK models produced around the globe including their own 100% US Manufactured AK-47. They have now released their Recoil Reducing Buttstock for distribution which promises to deliver a 50% or more reduction in perceived recoil, allowing for quicker target acquisition.

AK-47 Recoil Reducing Buttstock - Century International Arms
We are excited to see a continual flow of new accessories arriving for the AK platform, which has a long way to go to catch up with popular AR market. Obviously a product like this can provide for a more shoulder friendly firearm, which in the scheme of things can improve its likability beyond the novelty and "alternative" factor.  

Clearly the buttstock is not winning any beauty contests, but the AK platform is generally known for function over form and just a quick glance can give some idea as to how the buttstock can work in providing recoil mitigation. The stock itself itself is polymer and steel springs and levers are utilized internally for the actual recoil reduction system. See the AK-47 Recoil Reducing Buttstock and their complete offering of firearms and related components at

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